Dorman Long Building – South Bank

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This building is now part of the TTE training group, although it was originally Dorman Longs training centre. I don’t know if its the one that was recently refurbished or if its Edison House ?

Dorman Long, South Bank
The location is empty on 1950s maps and Dorman Long ceased to exist in 1967 so it must date from between those date, the logo can be seen on the wall.
Dorman Long Sign, South Bank

2 thoughts on “Dorman Long Building – South Bank

  1. The building was the Apprentice Training School of Cleveland Works, Dorman Long. It opened in 1961. The tall building housed the offices, lecture room, libruary, etc, all upstairs. The ground floor housed the mess room toilets and the locker room. The low building next to it was the workshops.
    I started my 5 year apprenticeship at Easter 1962 and completed it at Easter 1967, spending 16 months in the school. 4 months basic fitting, 6 months machine work, 3 months plating work and a few months electrical instulation work., The training school became part of British Steel in 1967, and later it was TTE. My son spent part of his training in the TTE school from summer 1982.

    The employment office was the older building adj, to the main works gate.

    Dave Pearson.

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