North Ormesby Pavilion

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There is much conflicting information on this site, so any local knowledge would help.
The Evening Gazette claims the building originally opened in 1911 as the Grand Electric Theatre , becoming known as the Pavilion Picture Palace in 1915 (or maybe 1914). It closed as a cinema in 1963 (or maybe 1960). It was known as the Playbarn in the 1970s and is now once again a community centre called the Pavilion.

However the Theatre Trust say its dates from 1906, became a cinema in 1916, closed in the mid-1950s and became a bingo hall.

The community centre was refurbished in 2006 which is when the current outside decoration probably dates from.
North Ormesby Pavilion
North Ormesby Pavilion

UPDATE : Demolished 23rd August 2013

8 thoughts on “North Ormesby Pavilion

  1. Back in the 90s I ran an ‘outreach’ course from the job I was doing training people to use Apple Macs for Desktop Publishing in the Pav.

    At that time it still had the sloped balcony with seats removed and desks in their place. It had been walled in with windows looking down into what were the stalls.

  2. It was open as a cinema in the early 60s. I also frequented it a couple of times when it became a bingo hall. I don’t know how long for, but when the bingo finished,those who wanted to,could stay and watch the feature film showing afterwards. This was very popular at the time. I’m sure this building could be sourced for some other use, and stop the developer’s from destroying a little bit more of our shrinking history.

  3. I go to pav and today the building is getting knoked down and all our memories we realy want that to stay up but the council are so nasty. But our comunty still lives on sumwere else in the hub.

  4. I was born and bred in North Ormesby…..Uncle Billy and his wife Margaret Wieghtman ran the Pav as a cinima until 1963….for the next ten years they ran it as a bingo hall…

  5. The mosaic images shown in the photos were designed and created by a friend of mine Paul Jones. He ran a series of art workshops with the young people from the pav where they all painted individual squares to come together into the large images seen here. I wonder if the mosaics were kept somewhere, it would be a shame if they were demolished too?

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