Wesleyan Chapel, West Terrace, Redcar

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For such a prominent building in Redcar, information is surprisingly hard to come by, the recently published Redcar and District Local History says it was built in 1869 at a cost of £4000 with seating for 650. That information is sourced from the Bulmers Guide of 1890
Redcar, Wesleyan Chapel

Redcar, Wesleyan Chapel
Although the 1884 Ward and Lock Guide state that a Wesleyan Chapel was built near the center of town in 1860 (although this could be elsewhere it doesn’t seem to tie in with anything else)

There are addition references to hint at both dates :-

Guisborough Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Register Of Baptisms Redcar Section. (1860 – 1926)
Redcar Chapel (Trinity) – Booklet entitled “100 years of Service. Trinity Methodist Church, 1869 – 1969.

Update : Fred Brunskill comments that the earlier methodist chapel was from 1853 and on the High Street where Clinkards now is on the right of this photo.


UPDATE April 2013 :-

Walked past today and it looks like the building is being demolished, another sad loss.
Redcar Chapel Demolition
I managed to get a shot of the roof from the beacon.
Redcar Chapel Demolition

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  1. This Chapel was built in 1869 and extended with an Elementary School in 1876.

    The Methodists had previously built their Chapel in Redcar High Street 1853 but sold this to the Presbyterians in 1870

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