Langman Chemists Ghostsign, Saltburn

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This old sign is in remarkably good condition on the pale Pease bricks.
Saltburn - Langman Chemist Ghostsign

The shop below is now a Boots, suggesting it got bought out into a chain at some point.
The journals of David Taylor have him working as an errand boy there in 1906.

Middleton Taylor’s manufacturing Chemists and Pharmacists of Station Street, Saltburn, that was my place of employment. The shop is still a chemists, now owned by Mr Langman

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  1. The Langmans Chemist sign was repainted during the refurbishment of Station St in early 1986 in preparation for Saltburn’s 125th Anniversary celebrations. The sign was green when I was a boy and matched the canopy until both were repainted as part of the scheme.

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