British Steel House, Redcar 1977

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I recently acquired a document from 1977 that was given to staff of the newly built Steel House.
Theres no longer a large canteen and kitchen and the branch of Barclays Bank is long gone, however the hessian walls are still here !

Steel House

There were some teething troubles in late 1977 as only one lift was operational due to a strike by the national lift maintenance engineers.

A ‘modern’ office like this must have been quite something at the time as a series of open day was held in early 1978 with 1000+ friends and family visiting the building.

3 thoughts on “British Steel House, Redcar 1977

  1. Hi Chris,
    I know a joiner who worked on Steel House. Legend has it, one of his colleagues built a boat, during works time, on site, using materials from the construction site.

  2. I started work there in Feb 1979. I remember going to a Union meeting in the lecture theatre. They asked us who was in favour of going on strike. About 20 people (out of 200 there) put their hands up. The Branch sent a telegram to Union HQ saying “100% support for strike action”.

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