8 thoughts on “Pavilion Theatre, Newport Road, Middlesbrough

  1. And the legendary 1977 venue – in Rock Garden days – for the only Teesside appearance of the Sex Pistols, appearing on the day under the pseudonym of “Rebel Acne” as they were in some sort of legal dispute over marketing rights with their record label.

    • I have to say I wasn’t there – I would have liked to have gone even at the post punk age of 28 – but I was on nights that week. I do know that our new Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner was there however…..

    • i loved sloopys .. i went there in the late 60s and early 70,s. i think mister mccoys had closed by then.. mccoys was my very favourite place.. great people and great acts.. does anyone have any pics from those days? i know not many of us had cameras.. chris

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