Bute Street, Stockton

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Bute Street in Stockton was built to house workers in the late 1800s
Bute Street, Stockton
Due to single private ownership the residents were not allowed to modernise the properties, so theres no pebbledash, PVC windows. As such most of the houses are pretty much as they looked when originally built.
Bute Street, Stockton
The street still has its old enamel sign, old style lamps and cobbles.Bute Street, Stockton

6 thoughts on “Bute Street, Stockton

  1. These houses look beautiful, well looked after and unspoiled. Nice to see the brickwork left as it is, lots of lovely old brick terraces in Stockton are being covered in cream render. They look dreadful, all character removed and will look even worse when the cream gets discoloured and dirty.

  2. and the cobbles are missing and holes filled in with tarmac .people move out and leave the sat dishes up on the walls .not as good as when i was 15 and i remember it ,now 80 .why the street still here i dont know council knocked better down in stockton .

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