‘Tin City’ – Boulby Ironstone Mine

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Tin City as it was known locally was a row of housing started in 1906 for the workers at Boulby Ironstone Mine, although it was officially known as ‘Iron Cottages’ on the 1911 census.
The mine closed in 1934 although people must have stayed on as school photos were taken in 1935 and 1936
I believe they were relocated to Loftus in the late 1930s.
Tin City, Boulby
Today all that remains are concrete foundations on which the houses once stood.
Tin City, Boulby

4 thoughts on “‘Tin City’ – Boulby Ironstone Mine

  1. The story of ‘Tin City’ is covered in Simon’s excellent account of the Boulby ironstone mine. Incidentally I believe the ‘iron houses’ that were used for the Eston miners were of a similar construction.

    As regards the earthworks, I have no idea what this may relate to as (I believe) the iron seam was located much further down the hill, maybe Simon can help?

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