Rudland Rook (missing in action)

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Rudland Rook (or maybe Rudland Rock) on the beautifully named Rotten Hill is one of the few boundary stones named on the OS map. Having got to the location theres no stone to be seen just a cairn (unless the stone is buried under the cairn)

Rudland Rook

A web search for Rudland Rook/Rock turns up very little, so if anyone know anything about it or why its marked on maps I would love to know.

1 thought on “Rudland Rook (missing in action)

  1. Hi Chris,
    Rook is a dialect word meaning ‘to set up in small heaps’ there are a few ‘rooks’ up on the moors. I would guess the underlying cairn may be prehistoric, there are dozens of them up there. As for the missing stone, who knows. Once the roads were improved and the perambulations no longer took place, the stones were of little value.

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