St Gregorys Minster, Kirkdale

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The core of St Gregorys Minster dates from  the year 1060.
St Gregorys Minster, Kirkdale
The sundial above the door (which oddly is no longer in the sun) dates from that rebuild  and has an inscription in Old English.

Orm Gamal suna bohte Sanctus Gregorius Minster ðonne hit wæs æl tobrocan and tofalan and he hit let macan newan from grunde Christe and Sanctus Gregorius in Eadward dagum cyning and in Tosti dagum eorl.
St Gregorys Minster, Kirkdale
St Gregorys Minster, Kirkdale
St Gregorys Minster, Kirkdale

Orm son of Gamal bought St. Gregory’s Minster when it was all ruined and collapsed and he caused it to be made new from the ground for Christ and St. Gregory in the days of Edward the King and in the days of Tosti the Earl

The sundial itself is inscribed :-

þis is dæges solmerca, æt ilcum tide.
This is the day’s sun-marker, at every tide.

and Hawarð me wrohte and Brand presbyter
And Haward wrought me and Brand priests.

This is of particular note as it’s from the Old Norse “solmerki” showing a link back to the Vikings.

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