North Eastern Daily Gazette Building, Redcar

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Today my hometown threw up something I had never noticed before, the old offices of the North Eastern Daily Gazette on Station Road in Redcar.
Daily Gazette, Peels Place, Redcar

The building itself is known as Peels Place and seems to be built from light coloured Pease bricks like much of Saltburn.
Peels Place, Redcar
Peels Place, Redcar

The North Eastern Daily Gazette was the name of what is today the Evening Gazette, between 1881 and 1936

8 thoughts on “North Eastern Daily Gazette Building, Redcar

    • there was an insurance agents there at some point, we did recieve some wronlgy posted letters, but by the time I lived next door in the late 80s it had been abandoned for several years and stayed that way till the mid 90s when Mike Forbes took over the building and remained before moving next door “Peels Place” I assume in 2007 when it was presumably turned into flats

  1. I don’t know, I only remember it being Mike Forbes barbers (presumably covering this sign)

    Planning permission to flats (R/2007/1130/FF) seems to be 2007.

    • Mike Forbes barbers was next door, it’s now called Agent Hairdressing and you can see the sign in the photo. It’s owned by Mike’s son and Mike still works there.

  2. I remeber that building very well. Sent my first pictures into that office. Dr Fellows and Dr Stirlings surgery was right next door. Quality building of a type built by skilled labour where a door was not just wood on two hinges but a potal into a work of traditional art of brick, sweat and skilled imagination.

  3. I used to live in “Peels Place” several years ago well before it became a barbers and during renovations to the house saw no evidence such as bricked up doorways, and the symetrical layout of the house itself suggested that it had ever been a part of the North Eastern Daily Gazette Building. I was told it had been a dentists at one point I assume this was Dr Fellows and Dr Stirlings and that the house had been requisitioned during the war to house convelessing soldiers. The door is of very good quality, very sturdy and as far as Im aware was original to the house so probably dates back to c1880s and was one of the only original features left, the house had been renovated in the 60s/70s with all original doors and fireplaces having been ripped out. there is another similar door on the side of the hairdressers on Coatham Rd near the new Grenfel club. I never could find anything about who “Peel” was or why the “s” was a such a strange angle to the rest of the name stone.

  4. I worked in this building as a circulation assistant for the Gazette before the office moved to Queen Street near Redcar clock.The Gazettes were updated with latest racing results and other late news by using the late news column.Mr Harry Middleton was the manager,we are talking in the 1960s. Happy Days.

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