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  1. I recall – from the time that I worked at Teesside Bridge – that Warners used the building for a time as a storeroom. Warners themselves would be a interesting topic – some b&w pics on google illustrations, plus some views of the smoke plume that was belched out 24/7 across North Ormesby and sometimes could be smelt in central Middlesbrough

  2. I was there from 1953 to about ’55 , before moving to Keldhouse and Langbaurgh schools . Boys upstairs, Girls below, and a big wall in the playground between both. The place was almost Dickensian I thought, huge high ceilings, we did ‘Gym’ in the corridor …. ink pots and pen nibs, small daily milk bottles , wood based black board ‘rubbers’, which were often used as missiles by frustrated Teachers, that and chalk ‘bullets’ 🙂 Trying to recall names … Fagin, was one, Brian Skerry another, had/has his own Joinery Business I think., must be retired well by now, like me. Last time I went by ( as I now live in Darlo’ ) was just something called ‘Lawson Trading estate !

    • The school you describe was Lawson Seniors, the infants is in the photo at the beginning of this thread. It was single storey and more modern than the senior school. The outside toilet block, in the playground, separated the senior and infants playgrounds, there was a covered area at the other end of the playground which we used to shelter in when it rained at playtime. On the opposite side to the school building there was a long building which was where the school dinners were served.

    • I went there in ’54 , after Brambles farm school …. upstairs for us Boys . Mr Quinn was one teacher I remember …. but not the others, or who was the Headmaster. About ’55 we moved to brand new Keldhouse and Langbaurgh schools …. was like going to the Moon after Lawson’s dark and overcrowded corridors …. 🙂

  3. Went to Lawson school in the late 50s from Brambles Farm walked it in all weathers and come home for dinner. I worked it out one time in my car about 5 miles a day 25 miles a week not counting playing over the “irons” and football. Pop Wilson H/M and some nausty bxxxxxx Hurst, Valelli(spelling) McIvor . Football over the’ Old Vic and nicking off the market on a Tuesday. Good old days ????.

    • .. We usually got the G bus from Brambles Farm Estate , but not unknown to walk it, especially if the kids on the bus were ‘out of hand’ going home 🙂 We used to drift down to Cargo Fleet’s riverside to play at lunch times … my dad worked at Cochrane’s pipes works … he used to walk there every morning from home ! … I left for Keldhouse and Langbaurgh schools in the mid 50’s , left school in ’57 , joined the RAF in ’58. as a boy entrant. Now lived in Darlo’ for the last 45 years or so, but still ride around the old home town once in a while, even back ‘over the border’, or what’s left of it . Used to live in Richmond Street and Sussex Street when a little kid, left it all in ’49

  4. my mother cleaner from 1940—1963
    mr s francice bashford from 13 cargo fleet lane my mam——————from john bashford

  5. I went to Lawson school both infants and junior from around 1967 to 1978 we all walk form Merlin rd Boyds estate but on lucky days when my mam yes mam had finished her milk round early both me and my brother got to ride to school on her milk float to the joy of all the rest of the merlin rd kids running along side us trying to jump aboard

  6. I was there roughly 1952-1956 before going to Smeaton St Juniors, boys and girls were together as far as I can recall, have a pic of me at a table with 3 female classmates

  7. I attended both the junior and senior schools and Smeaton st school from 1942-1948 when I won a scholarship to Middlesbrough Technical School.When I first attended the school I lived at Bristol st.just over the road,then moved to Falcon rd at Boyds estate.During the war my aunt who was a caretaker at the school would take us to the boiler room under the senior school instead of going in the cold shelters during the air raids.

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