Old Weir / Fish Ponds – Kildale

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In the woods just to the North of Kildale are the remains of a large weir.
Ruined Weir, Kildale
Ruined Weir, Kildale

Ruined Weir, Kildale
Ruined Weir, Kildale
The first OS Map from 1856 and subsequent editions marks this area as “Old Fish Ponds”
A great flood is recorded to have taken place in Kildale in 1840 by the breaking of a dam at Kildale Hall.
Although I cannot say for sure, this seems the likely the location of that event as the river now flows to the North around the old weir.

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  1. Just took some pictures of this and was just going to send you them, but as usual your on the ball Chris, any info on bleach mill about half a mile down stream?

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