Whinstone Quarry Remains, Esk Valley / Green End

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There are few obvious remains of the once extensive whinstone quarries behind the hamlet of Esk Valley.
Esk Valley, Whinstone Crusher
This overgrown lump of masonary was once a crusher next to the railway line.
Esk Valley Bridge to Green End
On the opposite bank of the river is a bridge parapet, here is where a tramway crossed to another quarry at Green End, on the other side of the river.

2 thoughts on “Whinstone Quarry Remains, Esk Valley / Green End

  1. Thanks for adding this one Chris. I have often walked through the area and seen the above remnants and always assumed they were linked to the ironstone industry. My knowledge of whinstone quarrying is very poor, although I have read about a ‘line’ of whinstone that runs through the area that passes Great Ayton. Would this be the same seam as runs through the Esk Valley area?

  2. Yes, that’s exactly what it is.
    If you look at the map for Whinstone on the link on this site you will see the sites listed run in a straight line across the landscape from Goathland to Stainton

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