‘Lucy Oxford’ box, Kirklevington

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This old green box carries the inscripton “Lucy Oxford”. William Lucy renamed the Eagle Ironworks after himself in 1873. In the late 1880s they diversified into electrical products, Lucy Switchgear is still in business today.
'Lucy Box' Kirklevington
This is what they would call a service pillar and it may be related to street lighting or telephones in the area, I suspect there are still a lot about although most are more modern versions than this one.
'Lucy Box' Kirklevington

2 thoughts on “‘Lucy Oxford’ box, Kirklevington

  1. I saw something that looked like this the other day but I was too lazy to walk the 20 paces it would have taken to see if this is really what it is. Maybe I’ll have a look next time I’m near Roundhay park.

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