Transporter Bridge at Newport

When you’re near a large steel works and see a Transporter Bridge near Newport, you can be easily fooled into thinking you’re on Teesside.
Newport Transporter Bridge
However this is the version in Newport, South Wales and was built 5 years before the one in Middlesbrough in 1906.
Newport Transporter Bridge
The Newport version is a little taller, although Middlesbroughs has a longer span.
Newport Transporter Bridge
Theres also a sign pointing to all the other remaining transporters (222 miles to Middlesbrough)
Newport Transporter Bridge

1 thought on “Transporter Bridge at Newport

  1. You can still see the stairs on both sides at Newport so you can still walk over the river. My family is from Newport and crossing on he gondola was a regular event. My grandfather crossed “over the top” before it was opened (1905), my father crossed 1930’s, my brother 1950’s, and recently 2014 his son and granddaughter crossed “over the top”, five generations “over the top” in 109 years.

    Sadly the north stairway on the Mbro transporter has been removed, but my daughter walked half way over the Middlesbrough one then jumped off, on a bungee rope !!

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