Phoenix Sculpture, Dormanstown Primary

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This Phoenix Sculpture by Steve Tomlinson stands outside the new Dormanstown Primary Academy
Phoenix, Dormanstown Primary
As stated on the plaque it was donated by the Learning Team from the Newcastle Theatre Royal, presumably when the school was rebuilt, hence the Phoenix.
Phoenix, Dormanstown Primary
I previously captured the old school, previously known as Clara Lady Dorman being demolished in August 2011
Dormanstown Primary School (Demolished August 2011)

1 thought on “Phoenix Sculpture, Dormanstown Primary

  1. The Phoenix has nothing to do with the school being rebuilt.

    It was commissioned for a gala event called the Salamander, and as part of that event it was shown at the steel club next door, through the work of the manageress Debbie and local Councillors the work was then put in permanently next door at the school

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