3 thoughts on “More 1949 industrial adverts for Teesside and Middlesbrough

  1. Nice one for me, as I was amongst the last 10 people to leave the Teesside Bridge works when the gates finally shut in 1965.

    A humble thought is that most of the traditional dumb barges seen every day still on the River Thames came from TSB, as did most of the nations “traditional” lattice transmission pylons, and still with us now.

    Oddly, enough, the last big job from the sprawling rusty corrugated steel collection of shed in North Ormesby was one of the worlds most iconic buildings – the Hong Kong HQ of HSB. This was a building constructed with
    massive steel tube support on a modular basis, and and TSB, along with Lithgow in Glasgow, was the main manufacturer of these modules. I well remember one wet night shift, having to come to the gatehouse to let in an unannounced visitor who turned out to be the buildings architect, Norman Foster.

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