Carter Gas Works and Foundry – Kirkbymoorside

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This shop front dates from 1863, the Kirk Forge operated here until around 1980.
Kirkbymoorside Gas Works

The listed building record states they are cast iron, but comments from a previous owner disagree.
“The window frames, pilasters and decorative work at the top of the ground floor windows are made of timber, not iron. “

3 thoughts on “Carter Gas Works and Foundry – Kirkbymoorside

  1. I used to work at Redpath Engineering (which became Kvearner) as a typist. A gentleman who regularly visited was a director/owner of Carter Steel in Stockton on Tees (off Yarm Road) near Wyvale Garden Centre. I believe it still exists. It is too much of a coincidence NOT to be the same company many years later (this was in the 1990’s). I’m sure the photo above was not the ‘forge’ but the ‘Head Office’. Perhaps it started life as a blacksmiths many years previously?

  2. Carter’s not an uncommon name generally or in the area.

    Isn’t Kirbymoorside a little off-limits for ‘Hidden Teesside’?

    • Nowhere is off limits if its something interesting !

      And i’m not paying to rename the site “Hidden Teesside and sometimes North Yorkshire and sometimes County Durham”

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