First House in Middlesbrough – West Street

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The first house in Middlesbrough was built by George Chapman in April 1830 on West Street. This plaque from the building is now on display in the Dorman Museum
George Champman 1830, First House in Middlesbrough

The house was long ago demolished along with most of St Hilda, but you can see a photograph of it here :-

3 thoughts on “First House in Middlesbrough – West Street

  1. If it was the first house how come it had a street name? Maybe George Chapman was the original Barretts, Bovis, etc. 🙂
    Only joking.
    Keep up the good and interesting work.

    • The first house completed in Middlesbrough was number 20 West Street. My brother and cousin were born there. At one time my grandparents lived there. North, South, East and West Street surrounded the original Middlesbrough Town hall which became a laundry after the new town hall opened.

  2. Middlesbrough was still only a farm of 25 people as late as 1801; the town did not start to grow until 1829 when a group of Quaker businessmen, headed by Joseph Pease of Darlington, purchased the farm and developed the ‘Port of Darlington’. A town with street names starting with North,South,East and West streets was planned on the site of the farm to supply labour to the new port.

    Pease was the son of Edward Pease, who had developed the Stockton & Darlington railway, and when this line was extended by 6 km/4 mi in 1830 to Middlesbrough, the town and port expanded rapidly. In 1850 iron was discovered nearby, and it gradually replaced the transportation of coal as the chief industry.

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