3 thoughts on “Guisborough Bypass Plaque

  1. Actually, Ted was one of nature;s nice men. He wouldn’t survive in today;s political world. He died many years ago, but I always get a Chistmas card from his wife Ruth. The same applied to Malcolm Hilton, who I think is still with us. Again, a learned man who smashes the old definition of Civil Engineering “See Boring”. You may be interested that there is a time capsle in the facing wall of the bridge on the Guisborough side of the road. I know, as I cemented the blocks that went above it.

    And just to say for any “leave” readers. THe By-pass was underwritten heaviy by EU structural funds. They won;t be arounf if we leave. Just saying

  2. I was at Northgate junior school at the time and was one of the lucky kids that planted the time capsules we put letters and pictures in .from memory each school in Guisborough planted one .

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