Skelton Water Trough / Cistern

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Just at edge of Skelton, on the Guisborough side, stands a water trough, presumably for when people were more likely to arrive in the village by horse.

Skelton Well / Water Trough / Cistern
Water Trough

Rather than being a well, it looks like the troughs were fed from a cistern immediately above on the hillside, which still remains despite being missing a door.

Skelton Well / Water Trough / Cistern

The cistern is currently dry, but a pipe is visible coming in from the wall and a couple of tide-marks can be seen on the stones.

Skelton Well / Water Trough / Cistern
Inside cistern

2 thoughts on “Skelton Water Trough / Cistern

  1. In the mid-60’s there was a 2nd trough fed by a pipe from the existing trough outside on the roadside. I believe the water supply has been diverted and now flows through a pipe into the Boroughgate field. The water was wholesome, I don’t say potable, but to a small thirsty boy, manna from heaven!

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