West Loftus Primitive Methodists

This building which is now the Grace Community Church, stands on Deepdale Road, it was originally a Primitive Methodist Chapel, but not the the first built in this area.

Loftus Primitive Methodists

The original chapel built in 1911, was a short distance away at the top of Loftus Bank where there’s now just a small park.

Most likely the 7th September 1910 is this date appears on the current building from East Cleveland Image Archive
Septmeber 1911 opening from East Cleveland Image Archive
Opening ceremony report from Whitby Gazette – Friday 09 June 1911
Primitive Methodist Chapel and School at Bank Top from East Cleveland Image Archive

The chapel was damaged by a major landslide in September 1929, but it can be seen that elements of the original were reused in the rebuild such as the details above the large window.

In the foundation laying ceremony of the original it can be seen that there were rows of bricks with initials of the congregation / contributors.

These bricks would appear to have been reused extensively in the rebuild.

Loftus Primitive Methodists
Loftus Primitive Methodists
Charles Walter Starmer Manager of the Northern Echo / Mayor of Darlington opened the original church in 1911, it looks like laid the foundation stone on 7th September 1910
Loftus Primitive Methodists
Joseph Toyn was President of the Cleveland Miners’ and Quarrymen’s Association from 1875

Loftus Primitive Methodists

Loftus Primitive Methodists

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  1. Really fantastic lived in loftus all my life went to the chapel ( deepdale) as a minor Sunday school.didnt know it was previously.situated at the top of the bank

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