Goodbye United Ghostsign

When I saw scaffolding going up on this building I feared the sign, which apparently dated from the opening of the bus station in 1938, might be about to be lost.

United Ghostsign
Travel by Road to York, Doncaster or London by United. Luxury coach services by day or night.

As of today it seems to have been painted over. If I was the developer I would have painted it back on brand new as a feature !

United Ghostsign, Redcar (gone)

5 thoughts on “Goodbye United Ghostsign

  1. Those dormer windows are a disgrace. I saw them just after they went up last week and feared the worst for the sign. The UK is being deregulated and developed to death by “conservatives” who have no interest in conserving anything.

  2. Surprised it didn’t have a preservation order on it. Happy memories of catching the (midnight??) bus to London 50 or so years ago. A few beers down the Royal to fortify yourself for the journey/help you nod off. The Ponderosa next door which all the drivers and clippies used…and Greens for fags and sweets. All gone…

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