Greatham Salt Works (Cerebos) , Greatham

The site known as Greatham Saltworks was founded in the late 1800s before becoming Cerebos around the turn of the century. In 1968 Cerebos became part of Ranks Hovis McDougall and products such as Bisto Gravy and Atora Suet were manufactured.
Cerebos Greatham
From 1997 to closure in 2002 some Sharwoods products were made here, on the day I visited it was in the final stages of demolition.
Cerebos Greatham
The internals of site were photographed extensively on urbex sites such as 28 Days Later

Barrington School, Greatham

This stone stands on the village green in Greatham.Barrington School, Greatham

I have found a reference in the 1856 book “History, topography, and directory of the county palatine of Durham” by William Whellan that states.

‘The Barrington School, situated in the centre of the village, was erected in 1831 ; it is efficiently conducted, and well attended. There is also an Infant School, which was erected by subscription in 1831’

Greatham Church School / Community Centre

A series of date stones are preserved in the wall of the current community centre. The first marks the foundation of the Greatham Church School in 1834 with the inscription ‘Non Nobis Domine’ which translates as “Not to us, O Lord”

Next is a 1878 rebuild with the inscription ‘Non Nobis Sed, Nomini Tuo Da Glorium’ which translates as “not to us, but to your name give glory” both parts being from Psalm 115


The final stone simply marks a 1928 enlargement.

Spigot Mortar – Greatham Creek

This metal pin is another part of the extensive network on anti-landing measures around Greatham Creek.
Spigot Mortar, Greatham Creek
It was the mounting point for a Spigot Mortar or Blacker Bombard which would have been able to fire a 20lb anti-tank explosive approximately 100 yards, presumably at any invading force on the nearby bridge.
Greatham Creek Bridge
The original bridge which has since been replaced, was itself mined to allow its total destruction

Greenabella QF Decoy Site, Greatham Creek

After a little more research and some input from readers i’m now confident these are the remains of a QF decoy site called Greenabella. These sites lit controlled fires during air raids to appear as targets struck by bombs. This location was a civil decoy for Middlesbrough.

A reference in ‘Fields of Deception’ by Colin Dobinson idenifies a generator house and site shelter at this location.
Mystery Structures, Greatham Creek
Mystery Structures, Greatham Creek
Both have an offset entrance or a blast wall for protection
Mystery Structures, Greatham Creek
Mystery Structures, Greatham Creek

I think the larger structure with the holes for pipes and a chimney is likely to be the generator building, with the smaller structure the shelter.
Mystery Structures, Greatham Creek
Other decoy sites in the area also have unusual structures.

Seal Sands / Greatham Creek Square Section Post and Pillbox

The square section post lies on an elevated platform that was formerly a railway.

Internally its of a similar construction to the smaller section posts close by, although this time the view is of cows rather than a mud bank.
Seal Sands Greatham Creek Square Section Post
Seal Sands Greatham Creek Square Section Post
Cows outside Seal Sands Greatham Creek Square Section Post

The adjacent pillbox is in remarkably good cood condition, mostly free of rubbish and grafitti and even retaining some metal shutters inside.

Seal Sands Greatham Creek Pillbox
Seal Sands Greatham Creek Pillbox
Seal Sands Greatham Creek Pillbox with Shutters