Teesdale Way, Gates and Sculptures, South Bank

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Adjacent to South Bank station are more waymarkers and gates for the Teesdale Way

Teesdale Way Sculptures, South Bank Teesdale Way Sculptures, South Bank Teesdale Way Sculptures, South Bank Teesdale Way Sculptures, South Bank Teesdale Way Sculptures, South Bank Teesdale Way Sculptures, South Bank

Along with boots also seen at Lord McGowan Bridge are a number of gates.

The first appears to depict a football games, the second Cromwell Road Primary School, the third looks like the lighthouse at South Gare and the final one a train and ironstone miner.




Memorial to downed Lancaster Bomber, Lord McGowan Bridge, Redcar

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This plaque was unveiled on 17/12/2008, 66 years after the crew of Lancaster bomber W4319 SR-N were all killed, shot down by ‘friendly fire’. 

The Evening Gazette report say it came down near where Steel House is now located, although thats about 200 yards North East, not 200 yards West as the plaque says.

Memorial to Crashed Lancaster Bomber 

The plaque is on Lord McGowan Bridge (built in 1951, named after a chairman of ICI) 

 Lord McGowan Bridge Sign

Also adjacent to the plaque is a nice way marker for the Teesdale Way, apparently there are 6 more sculptures of footware by Jim Roberts, between South Bank and Coatham Marsh.

Teesdale Way Metal Boots 

Left Luggage Sculpture, Redcar

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Sculpture by Lewis Robinson to commemorate the filming of the Dunkirk landings scene in Atonement during August 2006
Atonement Sculpture, RedcarAtonement Sculpture, Redcar

It was unveiled in by Atonement director Joe Wright and Producer Paul Webster.

UPDATE : As of August 2012 the scupture has been removed. I don’t know whether it will return to the sea-front when the redevelopment is completed.

Pirate Cat and HMS Redcar

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I can find no details about this little character perched up in a birds nest, any info would be gratefully received.
Pirate Cat in Crows Nest, Redcar

The mast is a half-scale replica of HMS Redcar, a ‘Racecourse’ class minesweeper that was sunk on 24th June 1917 near Dover.

HMS Redcar HMS Redcar

Update 2/3/2011 : The mast and most of the old tourist information centre were demolished today. It looks like the plaques were taken away beforehand, hopefully the little cat was rescued too !

Teesaurus Park

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Teesaurus Park is one of those places that many locals don’t even know exists. First opened in 1979 with the Teessaurus a triceratops by Genevieve Glatt, fabricated by Harts of Stockton at a cost of £16,000.

Teesaurus ParkTeesaurus Park

The two babies and other sculptures were added in 1987.
Teesaurus Park

The T-Rex
Teesaurus ParkTeesaurus Park

I think this is a bronotsaurus in the bushes.
Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

If you want to split hairs the mammoth came about 65 million years after the dinosaurs.

Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

The cheerful brachiasaurus

Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

The stegosaurus

Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

The sculptures were built by workers on the government Youth and Employment Training Scheme, its a shame the council can’t see their way to giving them all a lick of paint a bit more often.

Update : December 2011 – Made some corrections to the chronology of the sculptures, I had previously said the T-Rex was first which is incorrect, Teesaurus came first !

Update : December 2012 -Sadly Teesaurus Park is under threat as its a ‘non-strategic asset’ for the Council. A Facebook group also exists.

Huntcliff Sculptures

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There are three sculptures by Richard Farrington at the top of Huntcliff, erected in 1990 as part of the Common Ground’s ‘New Milestones’ project.
The first is based on a Trawl Door with a large fish and plankton
Trawl Door Sculpture, Huntcliff Trawl Door Sculpture, Huntcliff

The second Pillar is a ridged marker post, supporting a chain of four metal sculptures

Marker Post Sculpture, Huntcliff Marker Post Sculpture, Huntcliff
The third and most well known is the Circle or Charm Bracelet represent aspects of local life, the original ended up vandalised and at the bottom of Huntcliff in 1996.
Circle Sculpture, Huntcliff, Charm Bracelet