Stead Memorial Hospital, Redcar

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Metallurgist John Edward Stead bequeathed his home ‘Everdon’ to Redcar Borough Council in 1923 and it opened as the Stead Memorial Hospital on 26th July 1929 (plaque is dated 1928)
Stead Hospital Plaques

It was extended and altered over the years, but the original house was still visible.

The plaque below marked wards added in 1954 and opened by the Bishop of Whitby, Rev W H Baddeley
Stead Hospital Plaques

A further refurbishment opened in June 1991
Stead Hospital Plaques, Redcar
It closed in 2010 when a new hospital was built and was demolished 2013

The staircase is currently for sale from an architectural salvage company

Old Posters / Ghostsigns / Lobster Hotel Redcar

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These old advertisement have been revealed by the removal of a billboard near the Lobster Hotel.
Redcar Old Poster, Ghostsign

The Benson and Hedges poster is fairly obvious, but what about the one on the left ?
Redcar Old Poster, Ghostsign
Someone serving bread rolls in a uniform, but what for ? Flights or Railways ? 1980s ?
What looks like “Darlington to” in text made me think trains, but the logo doesn’t look like a British Rail one.

Can anyone identify it ?:

Phoenix Sculpture, Dormanstown Primary

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This Phoenix Sculpture by Steve Tomlinson stands outside the new Dormanstown Primary Academy
Phoenix, Dormanstown Primary
As stated on the plaque it was donated by the Learning Team from the Newcastle Theatre Royal, presumably when the school was rebuilt, hence the Phoenix.
Phoenix, Dormanstown Primary
I previously captured the old school, previously known as Clara Lady Dorman being demolished in August 2011
Dormanstown Primary School (Demolished August 2011)