1883 Stockton & Middlesbrough Corporations Water Board, Stockton

This building on Dovecot Street was the offices of the Stockton & Middlesbrough Corporations Water Board.
1883 Stockton & Middlesbrough Water Board

The organisation became the Tees Valley Water Board around 1899 – 19001883 Stockton & Middlesbrough Water Board

The 1883 date stone and name of the original company are still visible.

1883 Stockton & Middlesbrough Water Board

It’s been pointed out to me that this was also the building that Radio Tees was based in between 1975 and 1992.

1897 Stockton Almshouses

Stockton Almshouses were built around 1897 with the foundation being laid by Mayor Thomas Walton on 26th October 1896.
1897 Stockton Almshouse, Stockton-on-Tees
Theres an inscription somewhere that I missed which reads :-
“Stockton Almshouses
Situation the east side of the High Street, rebuilt 1816 with a sum of money
bequeathed for that purpose by George Brown Esq, were sold and taken down AD 1896.
These buildings were erected with part of the purchasers money AD 1897”
1897 Stockton Almshouse, Stockton-on-Tees
The building is currently shuttered up and I cannot find any information on what the future holds for it, although it is a Grade II listed building.
1897 Stockton Almshouse, Stockton-on-Tees
Below is the Evening Gazette report of the 1896 ceremony.

Bute Street, Stockton

Bute Street in Stockton was built to house workers in the late 1800s
Bute Street, Stockton
Due to single private ownership the residents were not allowed to modernise the properties, so theres no pebbledash, PVC windows. As such most of the houses are pretty much as they looked when originally built.
Bute Street, Stockton
The street still has its old enamel sign, old style lamps and cobbles.Bute Street, Stockton

Thornaby Town Hall

Thornaby Town Hall now stands isolated in the ‘Mandale Triangle’ cut off from Thornaby by the A66.
Thornaby Town Hall
The clock tower carries an 1892 date with Thornaby’s motto ‘Always Advancing’ the clock itself was donated by Alderman William Anderson and started on January 27th 1892
Thornaby Town Hall
The foundation stone is very worn but reads that it was laid by John Steel, Chairman of the South Stockton Local Board on October 25th 1890. The architect is James Garry and the contractor W. C. Atkinson.Thornaby Town Hall
Thornaby-on-Tees was formed by the combination of South Stockton and Thornaby in 1892, Thornaby-on-Tees Borough Council ceased to exist in 1968 when Teesside was formed and the building fell out of use and became vandalised.Thornaby Town Hall
In November 2012 after many years of wrangling the building was sold back to Thornaby Town Council by Stockton Council, they hope to restore it and make it available for commercial and community uses.
Thornaby Town Hall

Imperial Tramway Company Post, 1897, Norton

This fantastic survivor still sits in Norton High Street, originally steam driven trams owned by the Middlesbrough and Stockton Tram Company ran from Norton to Thornaby, but they were taken over in 1896 by the Imperial Tramway Company who electrified the system and joined it with Middlesbrough.

The first electric tram ran in 1898 so this post must be one of the very first when the route was being electrified, the extended service ran from Norton Green to North Ormesby

Trams ran from Norton until the end of 1931, this excellent article in Remember When has many pictures of the trams in operation including the depot at Norton. A more detailed history can be found here.

Many thanks go to Wayne Martin for making me aware of this and sending photos.

Foster Brotherton & Co, Timber Merchants Ghost Sign, Stockton

The remains of this painted sign can be found on the end of the row of houses at St Johns Well.
Stockton Ghostsign
There are mentions of a “Moulding Mill” and ‘Hardwoods of every description stocked” but most of the paint is gone now. Does anyone have any ideas about the company and age of the sign ?

UPDATE : At first I thought it could have been “John B Smith & Co” who had a yard in the area, but many thanks to Ian who has come up with some great additional info and old photo which show its “Foster Brotherton & Co Ltd”