Grosmont Heritage Trail and Local History Exhibition

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Earlier this year the Grosmont Business Group were successful in securing a Heritage grant from the North Yorkshire Moors National Park towards a village leaflet, heritage trail and local history exhibition. This has now been completed and installed in St. Matthew’s Church, within the village and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage people to visit the exhibition.
The leaflets are available from businesses within the village and link in with a simple trail with information panels outside of various buildings en-route.
The local history exhibition is permanently sited in the church, which is open daily, and gives details of the area’s geology, industry, Medieval and early history as well many snippets of social history relating to the village.
Please come along and visit the display, which we hope to expand in the future as part of the This Exploited Land project, again with the help of the National Park and help to highlight this most fascinating area.
Tammy Naylor

Reading Room, Appleton le Moors

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The reading room was first opened on Tuesday November 21st 1911,  funded by Joseph Page and built by Glasweigan-based company Speirs and Company

It fell into disuse around the 1940s but thanks to recent grants has been restored.

Appleton-Le-Moors Reading Room

The building is now back in regular use by Appleton Film Society and Appleton Book Club amongst others.

Victoria Cross, Lastingham

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Victoria Cross overlooks the village of Lastingham
Victoria Cross, Lastingham

The base carries an inscription “Victoria R.I 1897” which relates to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria for which it was erected.

R.I. stands for Regina et Imperatrix (Queen and Empress) Victoria Cross, Lastingham
The other side carries the inscription “V.R. 1837” marking the start of her reign.
Victoria Cross, Lastingham

Saltburn air-raid shelter

Paul Smith kindly shared these photos and details of air raid shelter in his own garden.
During WW2, the couple that then lived in our home had a custom built shelter dug! She wanted her own shelter, especially after 6 houses were brought down in an air raid! He, was a retired civil engineer, and hence a pretty nifty piece of work!
Scroll on to 2014, by which time the roof had long been removed, a concrete slab, and the hole filled in and a garden created to our having to dig up said garden to find source of damp problem – blocked air bricks which had been covered over with concrete when garden recreated! We found the top step which, had a pivot hole at one end and decided to dig down! The rest you can see, nobody in the street remembers it but one gentleman, now in his late 80’s, does remember the shelter being there.







Downe Arms – Liverton Ghostsign (currently the Waterwheel)

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The outer wall of the waterwheel in Liverton has the remains of a painted sign for an old licensee.
Downe Arms - Waterwheel Liverton
Francis Pybus of the Downe Arms, his family are listed on the 1891 census as follows.

Downe Arms
Francis Pybus / head / M / 57 / Liverton, Yks
Jane Pybus / wife / 48 / Lofthouse, Yks
Francis Pybus / son / S / 24 / Liveton, Yks
Sarah Pybus / daug / S / 20 / Liverton, Yks
Thomas Pybus / son / S / 19 / Liverton, Yks
John Pybus / son / S / 17 / Liverton, Yks
Annie Pybus / daug / S / 14 / Liverton, Yks
Joseph H Forster / son in law / M / 27 / Lealholm, Yks
Mary Forster / daug / M / 22 / Liverton, Yks