Upleatham Church (almost) the smallest in Britain.

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St Andrews at Upleatham, for years I was told this is the smallest church in Britain, but unfortunately that honour goes to Bremilham Church in Wiltshire at 4m by 3.6m. Upleatham is about 6m by 4m
It is actually the remains of a much larger church as can be seen in this detailed report from the 1970s
Remains of the Lowther Vault exist towards the south-east
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13 thoughts on “Upleatham Church (almost) the smallest in Britain.

  1. Hello there,

    I don’t suppose anyone knows who owns this church now? I’m really interested in having a small wedding there but can’t seem to find who to contact 🙁

  2. The council do own it, Give us a ring or e-mail me as a Councillor and I can pout you in touch with whoever the most appropriate officer is, Last time we had such a request it went to the Chief Executive,

    David Walsh (07971 917820 or walshda@hotmail.co.uk)

  3. Hi there

    I’m interested in finding out if wedding can be held at the church in upleatham. Can anyone confirm if the wedding on previous message took place? Is it impressive in the outside as it is inside? How many people can it contain? Is there any photos of the inside?
    Thank you.

    • Hi there,

      I was the one who enquired about holding a wedding there, it hasn’t taken place yet no. It is owned by the council and when I have called them they have told me I cant hold a wedding there as the health and safety checks aren’t up to date!

  4. Do you no if it would it be possible to have a wedding on the grounds, maybe out side if the church is abandoned ? any information would be appreciated.

    Thanks Monica

  5. A friend has her grandmother buried here and her mother’s Ashes interned on the same grave. The headstone is weathered and illegible, she is wanting to replace it. Are there any restrictions on what would be suitable/allowed on this site.

  6. B Company 4/5th Green Howards, we renovated the church and grounds in the early 60s.
    Post office did a first day cover with a special postmark,
    Cleared out the inside which was deep in Guano (found the full stone effigy of a knight .

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