2 thoughts on “Coastal Battery S0005918, South Gare, Redcar

  1. My farther was born & raised in Warrenby (1908),he always had a lot to say about the South Gare Coastal Gun emplacment. When I was a boy of aprox 8/10 years of age I remember my farther taking me to the South Gare to observe the practice Gun Firing at a Towed Sea Target.
    My farher told me that the Gun was only fired once per year and that the Gare Road was Closed to traffice during this time. We were only allowed as far the end of Warrenby Steel Works.
    Do you have any information regarding these practice Firings or is my memory playing tricks.

  2. Alan, as I understand the road is still closed one day a year in order to keep its private road status. no idea if that ever tied in with gun firing or if its two stories merged into one.

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