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  1. Interesting to see you working on Domesday Reloaded posts, me too. Another interesting addition to our regions heritage.

  2. Hi really love the site, keep up the good work

    I was wondering if you could help? I used to use a link you created to durham miner to view old maps, however the link appears t be broken now

    Is there any other sites you know of where i can view this info?


  3. Hi Chris
    ‘found’ what looks like the bottom of a stench-pipe this morning; opposite the WMC in New Marske. Not sure if you are aware of it.
    I have photos, if you want them.

    John Rymer

  4. Hope you can help me I have a memory of a police box on Emerson Avenue near St Chads Church I’ve been trying to find a picture but I am not sure if my memory is right. Thanks in advance

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