Greatham Pillboxes and Anti Tank Cubes

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A row of three pillboxes surround the western edge of Greatham, they defended RAF Greatham / RAF West Hartlepool.

Greatham Pillbox
Greatham Pillbox

The central one is easily accessible from a public footpath, while the others can be seen north and south.

Greatham Pillbox
Greatham Pillbox

The Anti Tank Cubes are adjacent to the pillbox, next to the bridge over the stream.

Greatham Anti Tank Cubes

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  1. This was my playground in the 1960’s and 1970’s as i grew up in Greatham.My family until recently ran the village butchers. As kid’s we used to jump the “Blocks” as we called them starting back left and going clockwise ending at the largest gap front left which brought a lump to your throat and no doubt a few grazed knee’s.Thanks for this great website and pictures.

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