8 thoughts on “Holy Cross Church, Whorlton, Swainby

  1. Man, I had fun once here. Years ago we invited a ‘friend’ out for a drink and took him later to see the ‘haunted church’ late at night. I hid behind a tombstone dressed in a sheet and walked across the aisle as they entered the church, it looked like I walked through the wall, carrying a big cross. I was 17 and therefore a bit immature but it was incredibly funny, for a week we let the guy think he’d seen a ghost.

  2. There are people who swear the place, and nearby Whorlton Castle, are haunted. If you search, there’s some report from a group of ghost watchers who spent an evening there. Not sure about all that myself 🙂

  3. The only thing that happened to us when we visited the area (to visit the castle in the previous post) was to get caught in a torrential downpour!

  4. My Mother used to live in the caravan site nearby and told me the place was haunted (soposedly). the local kids used to climb up the castle and look for a secret tunnel that was meant to run underground to the church. Is there any open days to have a look inside the church tower? if anyone knows drop me an email

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