3 thoughts on “Jacks Castle, Saltburn

  1. I remember thinking this was a bus shelter when I was a kid, because it’s so obviously well placed for the purpose – doh!

  2. Jack’s Castle forms part of an inter-war development in Saltburn which was organised as a kind of job-creation scheme, like many that were carried out in Saltburn during the 1980’s. The whole area from Hazelgrove to the area of park next to the Cliff Lift was laid out with new paths, benches, shelters and even a paddling pool next to what is now the Dog-free park. This area provided free leisure facilities in contrast to The Valley Gardens where admission was charged. As for the origins of the name ‘Jack’s Castle’, I’m afraid this has been lost in the mists of time. In landscape design it serves as a ‘punctuation point’ rather like the Albert Memorial in the Valley Gardens, providing scale to the valley. This whole area of the town is showing its age and badly needs regeneration but Jack’s Castle should be retained as a popular landmark.

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