Stench Pipe, Laburnum Road, Redcar

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Despite 5 years of constantly keeping my eyes open for items for the website, I had managed to fail to spot something that’s about a minutes walk from my own house !
Stench Pipe, Laburnum Road, Redcar
This Stench Pipe must date from around the time of the construction of Redcar East (late 1930’s)
Stench Pipe, Laburnum Road, Redcar
Its stamped “Adams Ltd York” which shows it was made by Adams Hydraulics, who still exist today.

6 thoughts on “Stench Pipe, Laburnum Road, Redcar

  1. As Chris says Adams are still trading, a lot of their equipment, some of it dating back a very long time is still giving good service in the water industry, their gear is almost bomb proof ! ( I don’t work for Adams but do work in the water industry)

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