Stafford Place Methodist Chapel, Sun Street, Thornaby

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The Stafford Place Methodist Chapel appears to have operated between 1911 and 1965 and had a seating capacity of 300. It cost £800 to build and replaced an 1833 building.

Stafford Place Methodist Chapel, Sun Street, Thornaby

This foundation stone was laid by Charles Arthur Head Esq, Mayor, May 25th 1911. One of the directors of Head, Wrightson, and Co.

Stafford Place Methodist Chapel, Sun Street, Thornaby

The second foundation stone has been badly eroded with only the 1911 at the end visible.

Stafford Place Methodist Chapel, Sun Street, Thornaby

The stone was laid by the Walker family of Scarborough who made a sizeable contribution. Their link is Ambrose Walker who puchase the nearby pottery in
September 1878.

2 thoughts on “Stafford Place Methodist Chapel, Sun Street, Thornaby

  1. My Great Great Granny was Elizabeth Martin nee Bogue Rev John was the son of Elizabeth’s sister Margaret and husband Robert a clothing manufacturer in Glasgow.

  2. My family have strong links with the Chapel – my Grandparents were one of the first couples married in the Chapel in 1911 – Charles and Vera Whitehead – they lived at 1 Pottery Street. My Uncle Brian Whitehead was the Organist (I used to pump the Organ Bellows in the 1950’s) from being a teenager until the Chapel closed and he continued playing in the new Chapel until he was in his 70’s. My Great Aunt Mabel Gregory was the Sunday School Superintendent and a close family friend Elsie Peart (lived in Peel Street) was her Deputy. My Grandfather, Charles Whitehead, was the Caretaker and looked after the Chapel Hall and the Chapel. I remember performing in Plays with the Stafford Place Players – Beetle Drives – Christmas Panto’s in the Hall.which also had a Snooker Table on the Stage.Sunday School Trips to Saltburn in the Summer by Steam Train from Thornaby Station – Three Legged,Sack and Egg and Spoon Races – Tug of War with everything taken in a large Wicker Hamper. My family had pictures of children being picked up for the Sunday School Trips by Charabanc, an early open topped motor coach, on the junction of Pottery Street and Thornaby Road. I also have a photograph of the Stafford Place Cricket Team from the 1940/50’s taken in front of the Scoreboard at the Cricket Ground with my Grandfather as the Scorer. My Grandfather is also recorded as being one of the helpers who built the small Methodist Chapel in Maltby.

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