Dunsdale (Kirkleatham) Ironstone Mine

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In Dunsdale but known as the Kirkleatham mine. The entrance to the drift mine is open but the tunnel is filled/collapsed about 10 metres in. Old maps of the area also show a second tunnel running under the road slightly to the north (not for the stream) and a powder magazine but no trace of either can now be seen.

Dunsdale Ironstone Mine Tunnel 3
Dunsdale Ironstone Mine Tunnel 4
Dunsdale Ironstone Mine Tunnel 2
Dunsdale Ironstone Mine Tunnel 5
Dunsdale Ironstone Mine Tunnel 1

6 thoughts on “Dunsdale (Kirkleatham) Ironstone Mine

  1. Apparently the tunnel running under the road was for the narrow gauge railway. It brought the ore wagons out of the mine into the pit yard near the ‘Tin Tabernacle’.

  2. The original railway can be followed from the village down to the top of the incline. It is also apparent that the creation of the incline involved considerable earthworks that were required to keep the gradient constant.

  3. If the tunnel, which is still there and goes under the road, with the beck running through it, was for the narrow guage railway, then where did the beck run?
    I think the narrow guage railway, which also ran under the road, was slightly to the north of the ‘beck’ tunnel. I remember it’s pathway (through the gorse bushes and inclining behind New Row) so the angle of the ‘beck’ tunnel wouldn’t be right. Hmmm.

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