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  1. Hi.

    I am 15yrs old and i love the war i live in middlesbrough do you know about the ARP shelter near dundas arcade if you come out of the place you can see the still visible ARP notice on the wall if you like give me an email and i will get some pics for you. My house in ww2 was bombed and blow to bits also my friend has notified me of a spigot mortar near grove hill middlesbrough i do not know the exact location of this but i will ask him and i can give you directions. ALEX B

  2. hi im 14 me and my friends have been looking around and we are going in this bunker i have been told that there is a door in it facing a brick wall is this true

  3. I’ve not actually been inside that one to say for sure, but they should all be the same

    There would have been two door at the bottom of the shaft, one into the main
    room and one into the toilet !

  4. typical of the yobs round our way that this roc post has been well abused!!…..shocking……i belive nipper the tramp used to live in there many moons ago 🙂

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