Ailesbury Ironstone Mine near Swainby

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The trackbed of a railway can be seen on the map, running from Swainby directly up to the mine entrance, what appears to be an old rail carriage is being used as a shed near the roadside.
Swainby Ailesbury Ironstone Mine Rail Carriage

Following the direction of the track a short distance into the woods leads to the mouth of two small tunnels.
Swainby Ailesbury Ironstone Mine Tunnel Entrances
One tunnel was for ventilation and the other the main drift, both are full of water and filled with earth a very short distance in.
Swainby Ailesbury Ironstone Mine Drift
Swainby Ailesbury Ironstone Mine Ventilation Drift
There are a number of depressions behind the tunnels where the workings have collapsed, the remains of a ventilation shaft are marked higher up the hillside, a large spoil heap without vegitation is also very prominent.
Swainby Ailesbury Ironstone Mine Spoil Heap
The ironstone mines operated from 1857 to 1887 in this area

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