Sandsend Tunnel Portal Collapse

Some time between my last photos on 20/04/08 and 05/05/08 the portal of the tunnel completely collapsed as the metal bracing seem to have finally snapped. Just glad I wasn’t underneath taking a photo at the time !

collapse 004 collapse 003 collapse 002

collapse 005 collapse 006 collapse 007

collapse 009 collapse 011 collapse 014

Access is still possible although there are still a few dangerous stones overhanging.

3 thoughts on “Sandsend Tunnel Portal Collapse

  1. I am just glad I managed to get through both tunnels when I did (about 12-15 years ago…). Keeping to the railway theme has anyone done a post on Paddy Waddell’s railway, i.e the line that never was? It was meant to link the coast line to the Esk Valley Line and work was started in both the Moorsholm and Glaisdale areas, but not progressed due to a lack of funding. I do know of some remains but am sure there must be others. By the way the OS maps refer to what is there as a ‘dismantled railway’ which is not technically true as it was not ‘mantled’ in the first place!

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