Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

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Ironstone was extracted from Spa Wood mine between March 1853 and December 1928.

Approaching from the east through large mine spoil heaps currently used by bikers, you first encounter a powder magazine

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

Close by are the bricked up travelling and main drifts.

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

In the next area to the west of the drifts are the offices and workshops which are still largely intact, having been part of a scrapyard until recent years. A chimney also stood here which was only recently demolished.

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

Further west stand the remains of two fan houses for ventilating the mine workings. Finally to the extreme west of the site stands an electrical sub-station from the later years of electrication

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

UPDATE : This location has since been purchased as a private residence and should no longer be visited.

9 thoughts on “Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

  1. Interesting post- well done. Further to the west(?) of the site is a short terrace of houses, which today appear today to be in a rather strange location. They were used to house miners from Spawaood and I believe they are still occupied. In the area is also the protected skew bridge under the railway and the stone railway viaduct.

  2. Spa Wood Cottages – lovely, roomy and comfortable (I know, a mate of mine and his partner lived in one in the 1980’s) I think they were rented out by the Gisborough Estate but i iumagine they have all been sold now

  3. Your website is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Teesside, past, present and future. I’m enjoying viewing what has to be one of the best online sources for images that’s ever been assembled, so major kudos to all involved.

    I personally know how much effort and time it takes to publish online content, including site visits, long trecks, often-times dirty work under and over ground but I imagine this as on ongoing, loving challenge that beats the heck out of anything else the world throws at us!

    Anyhow, I just want to thank you for this brilliant resource and as a way of giving back, aside from showing my grateful appreciation, I hope you wouldn’t mind me offering a suggested amendment to the above page.

    You cite: “In the next area to the west of the drifts are the offices and workshops which are still largely intact, having being part of a scrapyard until recent years.”

    ‘Being’ simply needs to be amended to ‘been’.

    Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work!


  4. I remember going to the Spa Wood scrap yard with my dad in the 1980’s and I never realised until now that it was part of an old iron stone mine.

    Back when there was the BMX track at Margrove Park, we used to cycle along the old railway line from Guisborough out to it. We always got confused when the track came out into Spa Wood, as it suddenly seemed that we were cycling through someone’s garden. Not that it stopped us. We just passed through and hoped that nobody shouted at us.

    • Near Slapewath, but its not possible to visit anymore as its a private home now.

      Was deserted when I took the photos in 2008

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