Naval Mine next to Saltburn Pier

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Mine, Saltburn 

I’m struggling to find any reference to the origins of the naval mine that stands next to Saltburn Pier, presumably its from the war, but I don’t know which.

I do recall that from time to time munitions are washed up on Saltburn beach from wartime wrecks.

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  1. Seeing as i got a mention in the DST cutting that was on the link, it is worth saying that the Hydrograhic office of the MoD were not much help – they had no real accurate informaiton as there were so many WW2 losses in the area between the Wear and the Teesd and they pointed out that, over half a century, even big objects like shells can move many miles due to currents and tides

  2. Info left by John Puckrin :-

    The mine at Saltburn looks remarkably like the mines which were common on the coast in the 60s. They were collecting boxes for the Shipwrecked Mariners Association and had access for the collectors to empty them. It would be worth checking the one at Saltburn to see if there are traces of the collecting box near the top.

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