Grangetown Railway Station

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Grangetown Railway Station originally dated from 1885 (when it was named Eston Grange and served that long lost community) The station has been disused since November 1991. The location is actually about 1km from the current Grangetown so its usage probably dropped to nothing when the industury it served closed.

Grangetown Station 

The sizes of the ramps shows the volume of people who must have passed through it.

Grangetown Station  

Grangetown Station 

This rubbish filled subway leads to a set of steps would have gone towards the South Bank IronworksGrangetown Station Subway Grangetown Station Subway

Grangetown Station 

Although most of the station is relatively modern, there are some heavy sandstone blocks alongside the black path which hint at its earlier 1800s incarnation.

Grangetown Station - Black Path 

An internal railway line to the ironworks runs immediately alongside the station.

Grangetown Station 

Grangetown Station 

28 thoughts on “Grangetown Railway Station

  1. Thanks for this. I used Grangetown Station for a number of years when I lived at Saltburn and worked at the Lackenby BOS Plant. The train was the quickest public transport link to this industrial area, with trains (like the 5.15 am from Saltburn) linked to shift times. At one time, I think, there were some houses near to the station at the extreme north of Grangetown, and there was (until the late 1970’s a Bass House still open – the Station Hotel (or No 23 mill as it was called to keep it hush where some workers might have got to on a quiet night).

    The station was pretty basic. It would be lovely if someone has a pic of the old Warrenby Halt a bit further down. Known as ‘teacake halt’ for some reason, it was wooden built and gas lit until it was demolished as a result of the railway line re-alignment.

    • Have you seen the book Cleveland & Whitby by Stephen Chambers it shows Warrenby Halt and Grangetown both in there original status.

  2. Thanks. Chris sent some pics as well. I worked with a guy at Teesside Bridge called Bill Munday who, I recall, was the last resident in Warrenby (apart from whoever lived at the old Warrenby Hotel)

  3. Warrenby Halt still exists, well at least the platform does. It is now known as Newton Dale Halt and is on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

  4. I’ve done a bit of research on this Station and looking at the old maps it was once connected to Grangetown via a road called (oddly enough) Station Road. It used to connect to Bessemer Road at the very bottom of Grangetown, now part of an industrial estate.

  5. nice to see photos of grangetown station i used the station for about 3years in the early sixties travelling from grangetown to warrenby halt i worked shifts at warrenby open hearth plant

    • Hi Mick.
      My dad also worked shifts at Warrenby Open Hearth Plant, as a Shift Electrician, Peter Smith. I once went to Warrenby Halt in the (late) sixties from Grangetown Station to meet my Dad who gave me a quick look along the Open Hearth Furnaces.
      I have since worked at the recently closed Redcar Blast Furnace.

  6. I was born in Low Lackenby, further down the black path towards Warrenby. My mother lived in Warrenby in the early 1900s, then moved to Low Lackenby. We would walk to Grangetown Station and catch train to Middlesbrough. A dayout when we were young was to walk along the Slems and up to the Breakwater. Happy days! We moved to Grangetown in 1949, when the village was demolished to make way for Lackenby Works.

    • I also lived at lackenby.i lived in the short row of houses. I spent a lot of time at the toytip.thats wy I use toytip as email. I now live in australia

    • Hi,Janet,I also lived in Lower Lackenby before it was demolished.I lived in the first house in the short row of houses.I was a mate of Kens,and even though we moved to Australia I saw Ken and Chris on visits to the U.K.My name is Tom Gordon(Jock),I am now 83,do you remember me,the adults called me toy tip tommy because of the time I spent on the tip,Regards Tom

    • Hi Janet. My husband’s family lived at Low Lackenby. Their surname was Edwards. They lived at number 2. He was wondering if you remembered them pls? Janet

  7. Cheers Chris, for such and informative site used as the basis of many a walk. One thing I would like to see if at all possible, is the inclusion of a grid reference or similar for each find.

  8. i worked at number 9 mill cleveland in the 60s and would sometimes get the train from cargo fleet to grangetown. it was only a short walk to the mill,we also had a clocking on/off place near the station. does anyone know if the mill is still there and when it stopped rolling ????

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