Thornaby Aerodrome Memorial and Boundary Marker

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Thornaby Aerodrome Memorial

This memorial to the Thornaby Aerodrome was unveiled by Wing Commander Hank  Costain MBE on 8th of May 1997. Sculptor – Tony Maw, Architect- David Shuttlesworth, Stonemason – Bob Weatherill.

Thornaby Aerodrome Memorial Thornaby Aerodrome Memorial
Thornaby Aerodrome Memorial

Just behind the memorial is an aerodrome boundary marker which was re-located from Stainsby at the eastern side of the aerodrome
Thornaby Aerodrome Boundry Marker

4 thoughts on “Thornaby Aerodrome Memorial and Boundary Marker

  1. I was lucky enough to be part of the team that built the Airman that is part of the airfield memorial. At the time I was working for Tony Maw at Green Dragon Restorations in Finkle Street Stockton when we got the commission. Tony set out the dimensions for the figure and started the sculpting, I did most if of the work on the uniform. The original was cast in clay and once a mould had been made the final piece was cast in ‘cold-cast bronze’ This is a resin material that has bronze filings added to give the apperance of metal. We also made a limited number of the same figures in miniature mounted on a woddern plinth.
    I was particularly proud to be part of the team as I grew up on Thornaby so it was a great honor. I still point it out to the kids everythime we drive past which most be wearing thin as that is at least once a week.

  2. i have one of the miniatures, number 210. never seen another one anywhere. i wonder if chris remembers how many were made and if he managed to get one?

  3. I do photography around and about the Teesside area but I have never seen this before, could any of you tell me whereabouts in Thornaby this is please?

    • The memorial is on Thornaby Road, between Sinnington Road and Martinet Road. It is not a life-size figure and from a distance looks strange really, like a child. The marker is behind it but it is not in its original position.

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