Upleatham Mine, East Winning Engine House

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I have previously posted about this location back in 2009 when it was completely obscured by undergrowth. At this time, all that was visible was a couple of blocks of masonry.
Upleatham Ironstone Mine East Winning Haulage Engine
During late 2011 a group I am involved with began excavating the site and uncovered the sizeable pit which would have housed twin drums for the hauling engine.
A Big Hole in the Woods
The site was extensively photographed and recorded and would have made an interesting feature in the woods for those interested in local mining heritage.A Big Hole in the Woods
Despite much local support and regular interest from passers-by, alas the council did not share our enthusiasm for the project and insisted in no uncertain terms that we back-fill the hole immediately.

So if you visit the site now, our mining heritage is once again hidden in the name of keeping the public safe. The Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society will be running a walk to the site on 19th May.

3 thoughts on “Upleatham Mine, East Winning Engine House

  1. Well done for working on this project Chris. Such projects as this can only assist in our understanding of the past, and the events that shaped our area. I am extremely annoyed at the council’s attitude towards this project, although bearing in mind how small minded, petty, bureaucratic, and inefficient they generally are, am not surprised!

  2. Thanks for uncovering our heritage and maybe one day we can return and uncover more with a more understanding and enthusiast council supporting us..ps my grandad worked in the mines.

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