Goodbye United Ghostsign

When I saw scaffolding going up on this building I feared the sign, which apparently dated from the opening of the bus station in 1938, might be about to be lost.

United Ghostsign
Travel by Road to York, Doncaster or London by United. Luxury coach services by day or night.

As of today it seems to have been painted over. If I was the developer I would have painted it back on brand new as a feature !

United Ghostsign, Redcar (gone)

Cleveland Railway Embankment – Guisborough

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Building work in Guisborough briefly revealed stonework from the original route of the Cleveland Railway which opened in 1861 as a freight line for the local ironstone mines, the original route continued west over a wooden viaduct and skirted the southern edge of the Eston hills.


In 1865 the Cleveland Railway, Middlesbrough and Guisborough Railway and Stockton and Darlington Railway were all taken over by the North Eastern Railway, the route quickly became redundant and closed in 1873 after only 12 years of use.


By mid-March the location was lost forever, although this old photo from Guisborough History Notes shows the same abutment

‘Everybodys Magazine” Ghostsign

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Many thanks to Peter Edwards for these photos of a wall in Stockton on the corner of Inkerman Street and Bishopton Lane.



The image was uncovered late 2011 when a hoarding was removed,
Peter believed the advert relates to a 1930’s /1940 cocktail called Everybodys, but it looks like its actually a magazine that ran from the mid=40s to the mid-50s.



Sadly it will never be seen again as it was painted over late 2014.

Stead Memorial Hospital, Redcar

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Metallurgist John Edward Stead bequeathed his home ‘Everdon’ to Redcar Borough Council in 1923 and it opened as the Stead Memorial Hospital on 26th July 1929 (plaque is dated 1928)
Stead Hospital Plaques

It was extended and altered over the years, but the original house was still visible.

The plaque below marked wards added in 1954 and opened by the Bishop of Whitby, Rev W H Baddeley
Stead Hospital Plaques

A further refurbishment opened in June 1991
Stead Hospital Plaques, Redcar
It closed in 2010 when a new hospital was built and was demolished 2013

The staircase is currently for sale from an architectural salvage company

TC Armitage Ghostsign, Shildon

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This photo was sent to me by Aaron late last year, from Maddison Street / Station Street Shildon.
TC Armitage Ghostsign. Shildon
T.C. Armitage.
Radios, Appliances, Electrical Components, Lamps, Fancyware, Toys, Bags, Crockery, Rugs, Mats, General Hardware Dealer, Paraffin.

I suspect it might be gone soon (if not already) as part of the building is already a house and windows have been installed.

Back in 2009 the whole lot was a shell and still had a shop front.


Michael Pease – ‘On War Service’ Badge

These photos were kindly shared by the owner of the item in question. They show the 1915 On War Service badge of Michael Pease.Pease family 009
These badges were issued to people to avoid them being accused to dodging military service, in this case this one was for the Cargo Fleet Iron Company Ltd
Pease family 008
Part of the Pease dynasty of Quaker businessmen, Michael Lloyd Pease was born in 1891 and died in 1968, a photo of his grave can be seen here

The Redcar Rollercoaster

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An amusement park opened in Redcar in 1924 on a 15 year lease. The park contained a large covered skating rink, ‘Hilarity Hall’, ‘Noahs Ark’ and  ‘River Caves’


The big attraction was a wooden rollercoaster called the ‘Giant Racer’ (called a ‘scenic railway’ on the OS map)

Redcar Racer

Aerial photos fortunately exist too of the Giant Racer and River Caves rides.


This film footage of the Giant Racer and River Caves rides also exists.

The site closed in 1938 when the lease ran out, and was used for building Sandringham and Buckingham Road. The Giant Racer was disassembled and moved to Sheerness, although its life there was cut short by the outbreak of war, the site later became Butlins in 1945.

St Marks Church, Marske

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After the series of lost buildings, you might be wondering why i’m posting an existing one ?
Marske Church
The sharp-eyed will notice the top of the tower doesn’t look like it does today, that’s because the 1866 / 1867 original caught fire on Easter Sunday 1902 and the roof burnt off. Once you know this it’s obvious that the current top is a totally different type of stone.