North Gare Seaplane Slipway, Seaton Channel

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In the First World War between October 1917 and May 1919  the Royal Flying Corps had a base for seaplanes on the Seaton Channel know as “Seaton Carew II”.

Some sources name this as the No.36 Home Defence Squadron although No. 246 Squadron seems to be more fitting.
WW1 Sea Plane Slipway, North Gare
Seaplanes flown from here were the Sopwith Baby and Short 184 (perhaps the Short 320 too although sources differ)

Although overgrown and eroded the launching slipway can still easily be seen.
WW1 Sea Plane Slipway, North Gare

4 thoughts on “North Gare Seaplane Slipway, Seaton Channel

  1. I have seen this but never realised what it was. I thought it was just some generic slipway. I know of the WW2 defences but never thought of anything from WW1

    • Looking at the link they must have flown those from the nearby “Seaton Carew I” as its not a float plane.

      Although it looks like the Short 320 maybe needs to be added to the list as that is.

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