Grays Ghostsign, Dormanstown

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This sign is a little odd as I can’t imagine how you could see it apart from on a double-decker bus as its not easily visible from ground level.
Grays Ghostsign, Dormanstown

It certainly says “Grays” but i’m unsure of the rest, the word below seems to be “Cash”, so perhaps “Cash & Carry” but the next building seems to have gone as well.

Could it be related to the Grays tobacconists that was once in Redcar ?

Any suggestions are always welcome.

2 thoughts on “Grays Ghostsign, Dormanstown

  1. ohhhhh <3 my great grandma worked at GRAYs, and her whole life talked about it, how much she loved working there, how she met my great grandad there.

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