Middlesbrough Co-operative Society, South Bank

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This beutifully carved plaque now adorns the side of a carpet shop.
Middlesbrough Co-operative Society, South Bank
As mentioned in a previous post the Middlesbrough Co-operative Society ceased to exist in 1969 when it became part of the North East Co-op, although I don’t have any details on when this branch may have actually closed.

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  1. Hi, having just come across this site I saw the piece regarding the Dorman Long training centre. Having started my mechanical apprenticeship with British Steel in 1970 over the road from there in the (long gone) old wooden Technical College for our initial basic training, we then transferred to the DL brick building but only for a short time as it was our task to relocate most of the machine tools into the new suspended roof building. That would have been early to mid 1971.
    Watching the video of the refurbished TTE building, that would be the newr suspended roof building and presumably the classrooms above referred to were in the office block next door as they were in the 1970’s.
    The suspended roof training centre was built by British Steel, Dorman Long had been swallowed up in nationalisation in 1967. It is possible of course that Dorman Long had commissioned the new training centre prior to its demise.

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